In 1789, many Americans needed a firearm for hunting

And odd harmonics are not considered musical. I don't really know the science behind why this is. But to a real purist, tubes are the only way to go.". Mike Ashley said that he wanted to win a Cup or qualify for the Champions League. Does he feel that the club's policy in the last two years will allow them to do that? Quite simply, what is the point of Ashley's Newcastle given the way they have treated Benitez? Do they exist simply to survive, as Benitez implied? If they want to succeed, why are they not backing the best manager they have had for years?Read MoreThe contradictions at the heart of Mike Ashley Newcastle: 11 quotes he has not backed up7. Does he think the club's actions in the summer transfer window represent an owner who "wants Rafa Benitez to stay"? It feels as if Ashley has taken Benitez for granted in three transfer windows in succession.

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