Even my quarterback demeanor tells me this

In Northampton, tax revenue from marijuana sales goes into the city's general fund revenue, treated like hotel and motel tax revenue. For the fourth quarter of Fiscal 2020, Northampton is estimating a loss of 33%, or $136,000 in revenue. Adult use sales in the first quarter of Fiscal 2021, the months of May, June and July, are expected to have a 67% reduction, or $260,965, according to city documents..

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On April 30, 1973, a new plan was revealed. The $3.9 million proposal actually varied very little from the second rejected 1971 referendum. The 1,259 student capacity school would feature 38 regular classrooms, home economics, industrial arts, music, and art rooms, and three science labs as well as a gym with locker rooms, a 180 seat library, and a 450 seat combination cafeteria/auditorium..

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"With me transferring schools and the situation that I went through at East Carolina, I didn't have no excuse," said Quinerly, who turned 23 last month. "My dad worked a full time job with a kidney disease. It was nothing for me to get back on my feet and get back to playing the sport that I love.

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